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regulation automatique pour piscine
automatic regulation for swimming pools


My Ozonex mini

The assurance of healthy and pure water all year round.

Our My Ozonex mini automatic regulator ensures pH- and chlorine (bleach) control. It is an electronic device whose role is to guarantee a constant pH and chlorine level in thewater of your swimming pool.

Thanks to it, the drudgery of checking and adding corrector is over and there is no more risk of error due to imprecise interpretation of the measurement strips.

How does an automatic pool pH regulator work?

Thee automatic regulator controls the pH throughout the filtration period and corrects it at the slightest deviation with a pH+ or pH- product without overdosing.

It is composed of an electronic box (regulator), a pH probe and its dosing pump, an O.R.P (REDOX) probe and its dosing pump (main elements).

For professional pools, an amperometric probe will ensure greater measurement accuracy.

Our automatic controls for swimming pools and spas are preset with factory values corresponding to 95% of swimming pools and spas on the market, at any time you can modify the settings to fine-tune the management according to the specific needs of your pool.

With your smartphone or tablet, you can control and modify the pH and O.R.P values of your pool water which will be displayed on your screen.

Tell your automatic regulator the desired values (setpoints). The ideal pH of water is between 7.2 and 7.4, but it depends on your disinfectant and other criteria (see our web page on different water treatments for swimming pools).

Your automatic regulator will base itself on the values that you indicate to it to make the necessary measurements and corrections by injecting the right dosage of products into your pool.

regulateur automatique ph pour piscine

Advantages of an automatic pool regulator.

The pH is the key indicator in swimming pools, it fluctuates over time due to several factors such as the type of disinfectant used, the temperature of the water and the air, the atmospheric variations, the type of coating, water mixing, rain or even the composition of the water used to fill the pool.

A water imbalance can have more or less serious consequences for the pool or for users: irritation of the eyes and the skin, precipitate and calcareous precipitation, water disinfection much less effective (proliferation of bacteria, viruses, algae, etc...).

It must therefore be checked and rectified regularly, especially during the hot season. As a general rule, the control and possible rectification of the pH level is a manual operation that must be repeated at least twice a week (it is difficult to regulate it yourself).

Even if it's a simple operation, it's still a real chore (repetitive task) that we would gladly do without.

With a control and regulation device, product consumption is adapted to the actual characteristics of the water.

In line with the needs of the pool, the automatic pH regulator for Ozonex pools ensures constant water quality by preventing any inorganic deterioration and organic proliferation, even while you are away.

The production of chlorine is therefore optimized and guarantees ideal bathing comfort with the correct consumption of energy and product.

automatic regulator for swimming pool


Description of My Ozonex mini

My Ozonex mini is the latest Ozonex innovation.

The set includes :

pool water treatment validation icon The automatic pH and REDOX regulator.

pool water treatment validation icon Peristaltic dosing pumps.

pool water treatment validation icon 1 high pressure hose with 316L stainless steel fittings.

pool water treatment validation icon Product injectors.

pool water treatment validation icon 1 analysis chamber with pH and REDOX probe.

pool water treatment validation icon Mounting accessories (screws, crystal tube, tank bottom nozzles, 316L stainless steel injectors, power cable...).

pool water treatment validation icon Taking charge of the filter pump.

pool water treatment validation icon Taking charge of the heating (optional) + installation of the temperature sensor.

pool water treatment validation icon Remote management application.

The unit is pre-assembled and very easy to install yourself.

automatic pool ph redox regulator

The device is connected by wifi or bluetooth and can be controlled remotely using your smartphone or tablet. Remote monitoring by an Ozonex technician is provided from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. to guarantee optimal operation for impeccable water quality.

Voir la vidéo d'installation


The page ''Parameters''

page parameters regulator automatic pool

This page will give you access to the status of your wifi connection and to the unlocking of your application by means of an installer code.

The page ''Pool''

pool automation remote control regulator

The pool page of your application informs you about the data and settings of your automatic regulator, the type, status, injection safety and trigger hysteresis.

The page ''Home''

page pool automation home smartphone

Display of your pH, REDOX and water temperature (optional) parameters at time t as well as the status of your connection. The calibration of the probes is done on this page.

The page ''pH- regulator''

page regulator ph pool automation

Display of the parameters of your automatic pH regulator (setpoint, consumption, control, alarms, tank filling).

The page ''ORP regulator''

page regulator chlorine pool automation

Display of the parameters of your automatic ORP regulator (setpoint, consumption, control, programmable superchlorination, alarms, tank filling).

The page ''Filter pump''

page filter pump pool automation

Display of filtration pump parameters (operating mode, programmable frost protection mode and creation of time slots).

The page ''Synoptic view''

page synoptic filtration pool automation

It is a graphical overview and at time T of the complete operation of your pool and the various devices managed and supported by your My Ozonex mini. For better navigation, the whole is tactile and allows you to quickly reach the desired menu. (regulators, filtration pump, tanks, sensors, etc...).

Intuitive, fun and fast, the "synoptic" page becomes your pool assistant. In one click, it will graphically present you with your entire technical room without being present and wherever you are.

woman water swimming pool ozonex

We are here to help you...

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