automatic regulation for swimming pools
automatic regulation for swimming pool
automatic regulation for swimming pool


Our EX2012 automatic regulation for pools and spas ensures pH-, pH+ and chlorine (bleach) control. It’s an electronic device which role is to guarantee a constant chlorine and pH rate in your pool water.

Thanks to it no more control and corrector add chore and no more errors risks due to an imprecise interpretation of measures strips.

How works an automatic regulation for swimming pool?

Automatic regulator controls pH during the whole filtration duration and correct it at the minimal gap with a pH+ or pH- without over dosage.

It’s composed of an electronic box (regulator), a pH probe and its dosing pump, an O.R.P (REDOX) probe and its dosing pump (main elements).

For professional pools an amperometric probe will ensure a higher measure precision.

It’s on the face of your digital box that you could know pH and O.R.P water values of your pools, who will be displayed on the screen.

Our automatic regulations for pools and spas are predefined with factory values corresponding to the 95 percent of pools and spas on the market, whenever you’re able to act on the settings to precise the management according to the specific needs of your pool.

Indicate to your automatic regulator the wished values (advices). Ideal water pH is between 7.2 and 7.4, but it depends of your disinfectant and others criteria (see our article about the different water treatments for pools).

Your automatic regulator will rely on the values you will indicate it to measure and do the necessary corrections injecting in your pool the right product dosage.

Advantages of automatic regulation for swimming pools

pH is the key indicator about swimming pools, fluctuating with time because of several factors as the kind of disinfectant used, water and air temperature, atmospheric variations, the kind of liner, water brewing, rain or even the water composition for pool filling.

A water imbalance could cause more or less serious consequences to the swimming pool or to users: eyes and skin irritation, chalky precipitate and precipitation, disinfection less efficient (bacteria, virus and algae proliferation, et...).

You must therefore control and adjust it regularly, especially during the warm season. Usually, pH control and potential correction is a manual operation you need to repeat at least twice a week(it is difficult to regulate it himself).

Even if it is a simple operation, it is a real chore (repetitive task) we could easily dispense with.

With a control and regulation device, the product consumption is adapted to the real water characteristics.

In line with the pool needs, automatic regulation EX2012 insures a constant water quality, preventing any in-organic deterioration and organic proliferation, even when you leave.

Chlorine production is thus optimized and guarantees an ideal bathing convenience with the right product and energy consumption.

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