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traitement eau pour les spas
traitement d eau pour spa


The complete disinfection solution for spas guaranteeing bathing comfort and unparalleled bacteriological safety.


An ozonator is a 100% natural and ultra-efficient process to disinfect and purify the water in your spa.

It will allow you to considerably reduce the use of chemicals such as chlorine or bromine for water treatment.

The effectiveness of the ozonator for a spa is well established, it is used in many public pools where regulations are very strict.

The ozone created is then injected into the spa's filtration circuit where it is mixed with the dirty water. The disinfection is instantaneous.

Ozone eliminates pathogenic bacteria, viruses and germs, as well as organic pollutants.

Ozone is a natural product without any consumables for its operation, it is economical and ecological.

Thanks to the ozonator, the pH stability of the water is optimized and minimizes the allergenic effects of chlorinated compounds (red eyes and respiratory problems in particular).

The water quality will be dramatically better with the combination of ozone and your treatment.


Before being a relaxing and pleasant experience for consumers, the spa is above all a biotope that germs, viruses and other bacteria love.

At a temperature maintained between 35 and 40 degrees, the permanent agitation of the therapeutic eddies promotes the proliferation and transmission of epidemics.

React, don't wait any longer.


Like more than 18,000 of our customers around the world, opt for healthy and pure water.

and without modifying anything on your existing installation !

Ozonex has the solution.

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The advantages of an ozonator for a spa

  • traitement eau pour spa Reduces the cost and time of spa cleaning.
  • traitement eau pour spa Destroys bacteria, germs and viruses present in the water.
  • traitement eau pour spa Reduces chemical consumption.
  • traitement eau pour spa Reduces odors and chloramines.
  • ozonateur pour spa No aggression to eyes, skin and hair.
  • ozonateur pour spa Ozone is NATURAL, ECOLOGICAL and ECONOMIC.
  • ozonateur eau pour spa Its impact on the environment is less or even non-existent.

What are chloramines in a spa ?

The reaction between chlorine and ammonia produces chloramines, they are toxic and harmful to the health of swimmers. If your spa smells strongly of chlorine, or your eyes irritate you, it's probably due to chloramines.

Chloramines should not be confused with chlorine even though they are closely related to it. Chloramines are produced by the reaction between chlorine and organic matter present in the water such as sweat, cosmetic remains, saliva, urine or dead skin from bathers.

The appearance of chloramines in a spa does not only depend on organic waste but also on other factors such as water temperature, pH, the presence of ammonia...

You should therefore know that the more your spa smells of “chlorine, the more the water is polluted by organic waste.

It is often chloramines that cause allergies and not chlorine itself, the rate not to be exceeded should be 0.6 mg per m³ of water to avoid any risk of irritation.

With an OZONEX ozonator, you greatly reduce the chloramine level and eradicate all the bacteria present in your spa, your water then becomes HEALTHY and PURE for swimming.


Keep only the pleasure of the SPA.

Enjoy the comfort of HEALTHY and PURE water.

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