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water treatment for mini pool


For private swimming pool and spa

water volume up to 15 m³

With our years of experience in the manufacture of ozonators and automatic pH and REDOX regulators for more than 30 years, we have developed a new range of products to satisfy pool owners with a volume of water not exceeding 15 m³.

The design has been thought out so that you can install it yourself, the assembly is pre-assembled, very easy to connect and will offer you all the advantages of secure operation, ease of maintenance and adaptable to all filtrations, new or old.

You can choose the SMART'OZO solution with integrated ozonator or the My Ozonex mini connected automatic regulator.



The SMART'OZO connected automatic regulator is the ideal solution for your peace of mind.

It manages the parameters of your pool such as the pH and the REDOX for you, without being in default or in excess of product, it analyzes your pool water all day long in order to be in line with the predefined setpoints.

But it does not stop there, for complete and natural disinfection, the integrated ozonator will give you complete satisfaction, it will destroy organic matter, germs, bacteria and viruses present in the water as well as a large part of the chloramines.

Adaptable ozonator

On request and after a study on our part, it is possible to modify the integrated ozone generator for a larger volume of water (+ than 15 m³).


mini pool automatic regulator ozonator

The device is connected by wifi or bluetooth and can be controlled remotely using your smartphone or tablet. Remote monitoring by an Ozonex technician is provided from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. to guarantee optimal operation for impeccable water quality.

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automatic low volume pool regulator


It does not generate any waste or by-products likely to cause irritation, such as the chloramines generated by chlorine. Ozone is therefore preferred for sensitive skin, as no allergic or skin reaction is caused by its use.

Ozone is the most effective natural disinfectant known, leaves no residue and no creation of by-products and has great therapeutic power on bathers.

Ozone disinfection will provide you with unequaled bacteriological quality and bathing comfort worthy of spring water. Its oxidizing power is 50 times more powerful than that of chlorine.

icone validation traitement eau piscine ozone No maintenance.

icone validation traitement eau piscine ozone Performance increase.

icone validation traitement eau piscine ozone State-of-the-art electronics.

icone validation traitement eau piscine ozone Air cooling.

icone validation traitement eau piscine ozone Ambient air absorption and filtration.

icone validation traitement eau piscine ozone No planned obsolescence.

icone validation traitement eau piscine ozone No consumables.

icone validation traitement eau piscine ozone Unequaled bacteriological quality (eliminates viruses, bacteria and germs present in the water).

icone validation traitement eau piscine ozone 100% French manufacturing.

All our devices are designed and made in France, we personally maintain all our equipment and guarantee immediate results.

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pool treatment natural ozone
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Our SMART'OZO is first and foremost an automatic pH and ORP regulator that will guarantee algae-free and clear water all year round, even during your absence.

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Coupled with an ozonator, the SMART'OZO will offer you unequalled bacteriological quality and bathing comfort worthy of spring water.

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For more than 30 years we have been campaigning for 100% French manufacturing, the electronic cards, the development of the programs (Ozonex) as well as the casing are made in FRANCE.

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Ozone does not require any consumables for its production, only the oxygen in the air.

Saving water, energy and products.


The page ''Parameters''

pool control icon water parameters

This page will give you access to the status of your wifi connection and the unlocking of your application through an installer code.

The page ''Pool''

smartphone control application pool automation,

The basin page of your application informs you about the data and settings of your automatic controllers, the type, status, injection safeties and trigger hysteresis.

The page ''Home''

pool automation home web ozonex

Display of the parameters of your pool (pH value, REDOX and water temperature) at the moment t as well as the status of your connection. The calibration of the probes can be found on this page.

The page ''pH- regulator''

pool automation home ph regulator

Display of the parameters of your automatic pH-regulator (setpoint, consumption, control, alarms).

The page ''REDOX regulator''

pool automation home redox regulator

Display of the parameters of your automatic REDOX regulator (setpoint, consumption, slaving, programmable superchlorination, alarms)

The page ''Filter pump''

pool automation home filter pump

Display of the filter pump parameters (operating mode, programmable frost protection mode and time slots).

The page ''Synoptic view''

pool automation home synoptic control

It is a graphic overview of the complete operation of your pool and the various devices managed and supported by your SMART'OZO. For better navigation, the whole system is tactile and allows you to quickly reach the desired menu. (regulators, filtration pump, tanks, ozonator...).

Intuitive, fun and fast, the "synoptic" page becomes your pool assistant. In one click, it will graphically present you with your entire technical room without being present and wherever you are.

We are here to help you...

Do you have any questions? Do you need documentation or a quote? The entire Ozonex team is at your disposal.

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